adj. having two abdomens

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  • Biventral — Bi*ven tral, a. [Pref. bi + ventral.] (Anat.) Having two bellies or protuberances; as, a biventral, or digastric, muscle, or the biventral lobe of the cerebellum. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • biventral — adjective a) Having two bellies b) digastric …   Wiktionary

  • biventral — SYN: digastric (1). * * * bi·ven·tral ven trəl adj having two bellies: DIGASTRIC * * * bi·ven·tral (bi venґtrəl) 1. having two bellies. 2. musculus digastricus …   Medical dictionary

  • biventral — bi|ven|tral* <zu ↑bi... u. ↑ventral> zweibäuchig (Biol.) …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch

  • biventral — bi·ventral …   English syllables

  • biventral —   a. with two bellies …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • biventral — (ˈ)bī+ adjective Etymology: bi (I) + ventral : having two bellies : digastric …   Useful english dictionary

  • biventral lobule — lobulus biventer cerebelli …   Medical dictionary

  • lateral part of biventral lobe of cerebellum — pars lateralis lobuli biventralis cerebelli …   Medical dictionary

  • medial part of biventral lobe of cerebellum — pars medialis lobuli biventralis cerebelli …   Medical dictionary

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